Art by displaced people

About Us

Newest Art Organization

Our platform was established in February, 2016 by Mustafa Gulkara, Geke Oosterhof and Jennifer Protas, specifically for organizing art exhibitions featuring work by refugee artists and artisans.  Since the opening of the first show, Take Flight at CBK Amsterdam in 2016, NAO has broadened its platform to offer more services to displaced artists. 

Our main goals:

Create a center of information for artists fleeing from war­ torn countries who are trying to establish themselves in a new culture; try to match their skills and abilities with possible work & educational opportunities.

Schedule bi-annual exhibitions of new work

Advise the artist on building their portfolio & website, and help them to find representation when they are ready.

Be an intermediary, directing them to the right lawyers, city officials, government addresses and funds that may support them.

Offering to you:

Rent or buy artworks for a reasonable price. The client can choose to rent an artwork for a period of 4 months or longer, with an option to buy.

Looking for a special event with your company?

Book a Visual Thinking Strategies session, guided by a professional ‘newcomer’ who will guide you through art made by artists from countries such as Syria, Iraq and Iran. Learn how to look carefully at works of art and discuss your observations as a group. It strengthens critical thinking skills, as well as analytical reasoning and problem solving abilities and helps navigate new situations through observation, reasoning and respectful interaction. In times of polarization art once again appears to be a very suitable means for connecting with each other.

New program:

Commissioned by the municipality of Amsterdam, NAO realizes the program Art At Work. Within this one-year program NAO guides artists, artisans and other creatives to work, study and participation.


NAO aims to set up working spaces, cultural hubs and outlets. For joints between new and domestic designers, artists and craftspeople.

Our team:

Geke Oosterhof • Dutch

Mustafa Gülkara • Turkish/Dutch

Waseem Helwani • Syrian/Dutch

Ramez al Junaidy • Syrian/Dutch

Mazen Al Ashkar • Syrian/Dutch

Olivia de Dreuzy • French

Abdullah Al Ahmad • Syrian/Dutch